Although the first account of food allergy is generally attributed to Hippocrates, the Chinese emperors Shen Nong (∼2735 BC) and Huang Di (2698-2598 BC) provided advice in “Shi Jin-Jing” (“Interdictions concerning food”) for pregnant women to avoid certain foods.

Allergies have rapidly become part of modern life with 21 million people in the UK suffering from one kind or other. It is a very real concern.

At Happy Leaf, I completely appreciate the worries and issues that come with buying products if you or a loved one has an allergy (I have similar issues in my own household & completely sympathise with this).  

Please be aware that my suppliers handle nuts, milk, gluten and soy ingredients. Whilst none of our products contain these ingredients, we must make you aware that suppliers do handle these so any traces can not be 100% guaranteed.

Please check our ingredients lists for specific information on each tea, iced-tea and infusion.