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All About Fruit Tisanes

Fruit Tisanes are a fabulous way to keep hydrated with additional health benefits. These are also fabulous for children! A great way to introduce the younger generation to healthy iced tea and start their health journey from a young age.

Did you know that you can have fruit tisanes hot or cold? They are both incredibly good for you, thirst-quenching and rich in flavour.

You can even use them for iced lollies, jelly or even cheeky vodka jellies!

At Happy Leaf we have lots of delicious options for you. All real fruit, herbs and spices. The finest quality ingredients, which really shows when you discover the outstanding flavours and aromas.

Whether it be a variety pack of fruit tisanes, or a full-sized loose pouch or even a pre-prepared iced tea pack - Happy Leaf has something for everyone.

Whether you are a seasoned pro when it comes to Fruit Tisanes or completely new to it, read on to find out why these are so good for your health.

What is all the fuss about?

It’s no secret that drinking fruit & herbal tea can complement a healthy lifestyle. It encourages hydration, which is crucial for good health.

Fruit 'tea' provides an excellent option for people who are looking to move away from sugared or caffeinated beverages.

Other benefits are -

  • It is packed with vitamins

  • It is loaded with antioxidants

  • It is amazing for cleansing the body of toxins

  • It helps to keep the immune system strong

  • Caffeine Free

Our tisanes that contain Hibiscus offer additional health benefits such as -

  • This can help with weight loss

  • Helps cholesterol

  • Helps with blood pressure issues

  • Is full of anti-oxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and anthocyanin

  • Fights inflammation

  • Fights bacteria

  • Supports liver health.

Explore our range of tasty healthy teas and tisanes.

Escape from artificially sweetened drinks & treat your tastebuds to something rather special with natural health benefits.

Iced-Tea With so many processed iced tea drinks on the market loaded with added sugar or artificial sweetener, it is quite easy to opt for the easy fix, without realising exactly what you are drinking. It is often assumed that using loose leaf tea or tisanes is messy and a hassle but it really doesn't have to be, and once it becomes part of your daily routine, you will wonder what all the fuss was about!

It is so easy to pre-prepare iced tea for your day ahead. You can cold brew this overnight in your fridge or if you are in a rush, add boiling water to the tisane then add loads of ice. At Happy Leaf w

e offer the option of loose fruit tisanes or pre-packed iced tea sachets that can make a 1 litre pitcher of iced tea. Great to cold brew the night before ready for the next day. It really is that simple.

We also sell a fabulous iced tea pitcher, which holds 2 litres of iced tea and you can lie this down flat in the fridge with no leaks - much better than struggling to fit it into the fridge door! This can be used for loose fruit tisanes or remove the infuser and use the pre-prepared sachets.

Hot Fruit Tisanes

To brew your fruit tisane hot, simple use one teaspoon per person, brew at 100º C for 6-8 minutes and enjoy the amazing aromas and depth of flavours from the premium ingredients.

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about fruit tisanes and their amazing aromas, flavours and health benefits. Please contact me via the website or at with any questions about the tisanes or if you are local, come and see me at one of my markets for a chat!

Please follow me on instagram @hellohappyleaf to discover all things tea!

Thanks for reading.


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