How to incorporate tea into your busy life.

Always short of time? Rushing around? Struggle to get your kids, pets, partner organised let alone yourself?

You are definitely not the only one........read on and find a way to incorporate some calm in all the chaos.

What a welcome and relaxing sight - a pipe dream? No - you can do this too no matter how manic things are in life. It is so important to take a few minutes to restock and calm down and take in some healthy tea. It makes for a better day & a happier you - your mind and body will thank you!

"How can I possibly make time to make a pot of tea in the morning? - I have zero time!"

Life can be crazy - especially now it is slowly returning to normal - social plans, catching up with so many people now that we can, work responsibilities, school days, sports clubs, general chores, looking after pets etc. In our house it is exactly the same - as a mum, you feel it is your responsibility to make sure the kids have everything they need for school, done their spellings, washed, eaten, etc....you know the drill. Let alone think about what you need. The thought of having a peaceful cup of tea sounds ridiculous, right?

No - it CAN be done.

Tea is such an amazingly healthy drink, whether it be herbal, fruit, or real loose leaf tea. There are so many health benefits along with the calming effect it has on us. It is incredibly important in our hectic lives that we look after ourselves and our bodies & minds - not just those around us.

5 Top Tips to make you happier and healthier
  1. Try to get organised the night before - this can be quicker than you imagine - just 5 or 10 minutes to get clothes prepared, food prepared. Delegate more responsibility to those around you.

  2. Get up 5 minutes earlier and go and brew yourself a gorgeous cup or pot of tea - teas only need to be infused between 2-8 minutes depending on your choice of tea - you can then take this with you whilst you are getting ready

Teapot with Infuser

3. How about enjoying cold brew tea? Put the tea and cold water into a pitcher and leave this in the fridge overnight and then pour this into your drink bottle for the day ahead. This is a great option for those busy weeks when you just don't have time to make a fresh pot every time you want a cup of tea. This will keep fresh for a few days in the fridge. Obviously, the orange and apples may be a push ;-) The pitcher contains 2 litres and is perfect for prepared cold brew/iced teas. The infuser can be unscrewed so is good for loose leaf tea or loose leaf tea in teabags. Please see our full range for these.

4 - Tea on the go - Loose-leaf tea does not need to be a hassle - use a tea infuser flask and brew your tea to go - again this will only take a few minutes. Pop the hot water in, put your leafs on the strainer to infuse for the correct time for your tea, take the strainer off and off you go!

5. Take a mini pack of tea and an infuser to work with you - that way you can enjoy as many stunning cups of tea as you like.

Most of all - be kind to yourself - take a deep breath - give yourself time - you deserve it!

Find your happy with Happy Leaf! 

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