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Pregnancy Tea & Tisanes

We know how important it is to ensure everything we eat & drink when pregnant is perfection for our growing bump. It is a time of absolute joy & wonder, & sometimes quite nerve-wracking if it is your first.  Importantly, please always check with your G.P before trying anything. It is not recommended to drink more than 4 cups of herbal tea a day. The teas below have been specially chosen as they are all caffeine-free. Rooibos tea has a high source of calcium and helps to aid in digestion & helps your body absorb iron, an essential mineral for pregnancy & postpartum. Peppermint tea can be very soothing and relaxing as it calms the stomach & is a perfect tea safe for pregnancy. We know that, with pregnancy, comes heartburn & morning sickness, therefore this tea may be the perfect option. Savour your special time & every moment going forward when your little one arrives.

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