Zero Waste & the Environment

Image by NASA

Here at Happy Leaf we are committed to protecting our beautiful planet and are always looking at ways of how we can do more.

Packaging needs to protect your tea from moisture, air, light and strong odours. Teas are extremely absorbent of moisture and strong odours so if not stored properly will soon start to degrade. In addition, light can have a very damaging effect, this is also the case for teas.

Our tea bags are completely free from plastic and are compostable. We would recommend using a teapot with an infuser or our stainless steel cup infusers for a better flavour and also zero waster - but if you prefer teabags, rest assured ours are biodegradable and unbleached.


Pouches and the Environment

Our pouches are recyclable, but the process of recycling is more involved and not offered by all local authorities.

Our suppliers have tested bio and compostable pouch materials currently available on the market. Unfortunately, neither offer the barrier protection that we feel would allow us to comfortably package your teas with the knowledge that the teas were protected and would maintain reasonable shelf life. New completely recyclable packaging is emerging and we are encouraged by the manufacturer claims being made. We will be assessing these materials in the coming months. 

All pouches are heat-sealed and have a re-sealable zip-lock closure to keep teas fresh once opened.

Tins and the Environment

Airtight tins are a great way to package, store and of course present your teas. With a food-safe lining, tin is clean and non-toxic. From an environmental perspective, metal packaging recycles forever, indeed up to 80% of all metal ever produced in the world is still available for use (source: Empac) so you can pack a unique range of teas and infusions in extremely environmentally friendly packaging.

This is an area we are passionate about and this will be constantly reviewed and improved upon.