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Is Tea Good For You?

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

The million-dollar question - I hope this blog will help you explore! There is so much information out there about tea. First off, I would suggest you read this, do your own research, and come to your own conclusion, but our answer is YES!

Loose-Leaf Tea is has a much more complex flavour and deep aroma, which comes with big health benefits due to the way it is picked. You cannot compare this with Supermarket tea. Whilst you may have a soft spot for your Supermarket teabags we suggest you read on........

"But I love my supermarket tea-bags - why would I want to have loose-leaf tea?"

Real Tea v's Supermarket Tea

Don't get me wrong - we have all been brought up on our supermarket big brand teas for as long as we can is so easy!

Why not try this as an experiment?

Experience the difference - it is life-changing. You will understand once you smell the divine aromas & taste the magnificent flavours coming through, without bitterness, plus knowing you are drinking something rather special with the added benefits of the goodness you are putting into your body. Your tastebuds, mind & body will thank you.

Why are Supermarket Teas being criticised?

Supermarket teas have their place in the market - of course they do - otherwise, they wouldn't be so popular. The tea that is sold is what is known as "dust and fannings" in other words the bits that are leftover from the loose-leaf tea. These teas have no health benefits as they are not an actual leaf - therefore all of the goodness is in the actual leaf. You are drinking leftovers with no benefits. We have been brought up on these teas. You may be too young to remember, but before the invention of teabags for our busy convenient lifestyle, people used to drink proper loose-leaf tea!

The Benefits of Loose-Leaf Tea

Loose-Leaf Tea has a much more lively, complex flavour with a real depth and intense aromas. It changes your mood - really!

The minerals, essential oils, catechins and antioxidants are preserved. Therefore, you get all of the health benefits of the leaf.

Tea contains flavanoids and polyphenols which help –

· manage blood pressure levels & keeps blood vessels healthy & flexible.

· promoting good circulation.

· reduce chronic inflammation, another risk factor for heart disease.

· help control your blood sugar levels.

· maintain healthy blood sugar levels reduces your risk of conditions like obesity and diabetes.

· activate your immune system to fight off infection/disease

· promote good bacteria growth in your gut and limit harmful bacteria.

· support good digestion.

· Green Tea is full of anti-oxidants and helps boost your metabolism (fat burning) and also is good for brain boosting.


Have you ever tried Loose-Leaf Tea? If so, then you know exactly where we are coming from - if not, then please join us on a taste adventure.

If you cannot deal with using an infuser (it really is super easy and takes no longer to prepare once you get used to a new way of life...) then by all means put your loose leaf tea into a teabag....just make sure it is unbleached and big enough to allow the tea leaves to expand, therefore releasing all of the goodness from the leaves. Or, use a teapot with an infuser. Once you see the beautiful leaves that have been steeped, you will completely change your mind - let alone once you taste it!

Truly beautiful and a taste sensation.

In the U.K we drink 36 Billion cups of tea a year and 96% of that is in a teabag!

That is a BIG statistic - If we drink so much tea - shouldn't we drink it in a way to reap the health benefits? We should also remember that loose-leaf tea is a more sustainable option - better for our environment.

With Loose-Leaf Tea gaining momentum, hopefully, the U.K will champion the healthier way to drink this marvellous gift from nature - plus it is better for the environment! Tea has been revered for thousands of years for its health properties - why are putting up with inferior products? Are you one of the people who buy herbal/fruit/'healthy' teabags from a supermarket only to throw them away because they don't taste very good? You are not on your own!

Why not switch to loose-leaf tea - I am convinced you will never go back.

Everyone deserves to have the best quality products - I really want to spread the word and change people's perspectives on tea. As a nation - we drink so much of it - why not do it and gain the health benefits too?

Thank you for reading. If you are slightly overwhelmed with the world of tea, don't be, please contact me at with any tea queries, I am always happy to help.

We hope you want to be a U.K Champion of Tea and spread the word! Thanks so much for reading.

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